GirlsCodeToo believes that education is key for the future of our society. By providing a nurturing and supporting environment for our students we encourage them to explore different technologies and become pivotal players shaping tomorrow’s digital world.

Offering workshops to schools is key to reach girls and boys that would otherwise not be exposed to such skills. 

GirlsCodeToo believes in giving all our students the possibility to discover technology in a fun way. We do this by delivering inspiring tech-themed workshops and offering exclusive coding clubs as well as team and individual-based preparations for girls, allowing them to participate in the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics or FIRST LEGO League.

Our curriculum is designed in accordance with the Computer Science Lehrplan Volksschule Kanton Zürich.

Lehrplan 21:

  • MI.2 Computer Science 
  • MI.2.1 Data Structures:
    The pupils can display, structure and evaluate data from their environment.
  • MI.2.2 Algorhythms:
    The pupils can analyze simple problems, describe possible solution processes and implement them in programs.
  • MI.2.3 IT Systems:
    The pupils understand the structure and functionality of information processing systems and can apply concepts of secure data processing.

Class Target: 

  • Primary School
  • Secondary School 


  • Web Design
  • Mobile App
  • Game Design
  • Python 
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Robotics
  • JavaScript

Workshop Languages:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian

Modules can be presented as introductory workshops with a minimum of 3 hours per topic or as fundamental programming workshops with a minimum of 6 hours per topic

Depending on the number and depth of modules that wish to be covered, workshops run over 1-3 days

These modules are offered to whole classes, girls and boys ages 8-18, this includes primary, secondary I and secondary II schools. 

The delivery of content will be adapted to the age group of the class.

Extracurricular activities (after school): 

  • Coding Clubs: covering and desired curriculum
  • Swiss Olympiad in Informatics: 12 Sessions x 2 hr
  • FIRST LEGO League: 12 Sessions x 2 hr

All GirlsCodeToo modules can be offered in the form of after-school coding clubs, allowing students to gain deeper insight into their chosen topics.

We are also available to support existing ICT teachers in preparing motivated students for MINT-focused competitive events, such as the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics or First Leo League* robotics tournaments, held annually nationwide.

*Equipment and storage space may be required.


As a non-profit organisation, GirlsCodeToo offers a reduced rate to Public schools.


Maximum 25 students per workshop. Depending on the number of topics to be covered, workshops run over 1-3 days with a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 21 hours.

If you wish to book a workshop or any extracurricular activities in your school or NGO, please contact Alicia Cesa Bianchi or David Cleres for further information. They will be happy to help you create the best fitting workshop for your school!




We now offer regular after-school programming classes in school! We had a trial program at the school of Kilchberg during the autumn semester of 2023, which was a success. 

Read more about it in our instructor’s testimonial ↓

The course that we taught at the school of Kilchberg during the autumn semester 2023 allowed us to interact with a group of 8 young girls on a weekly basis, creating a safe space where learning and self-expression were encouraged. As the main organiser and teacher, I could witness the steady progress of the girls who now grasp important programming concepts, such as functions, variables, and for-loops (all of that at the age of 10, this is truly impressive!). But most importantly, we were able in this course to foster a common interest for technology and logical thinking, and crucially experience and interact with technical systems such the imagiCharm (a LED display) and the Lego Mindstorms robots. 

Characteristic of today’s society, the girls present in this group had different familial backgrounds and not the same familiarity with technology outside of school. Following one of our core mission at GirlsCodeToo, we could empower these girls to discover the world of technology, and hopefully enlarge their vocational interests in a world where women are still underrepresented in technical and scientifical fields.

Mathieu Dubied

Mathieu Dubied

Course Instructor





David Cleres