Offer a TechTalk

GirlsCodeToo offers TechTalks to our audience of girls (age 8-18), but these are also open to their parents and siblings.

The idea is not so much about giving a technical talk per se, but more about sharing your experience in the industry, your story, your motivations, moments of struggles and wins!

It is also about sharing what you love about your job and the path you took to get where you are today.

The usually our talks are only 30 min (including 10 min Q&A) unless we have a whole day workshop at a school where we invite our speakers to join in person and adapt their talk to the topic & age we are teaching to.

Overall TechTalks are an amazing place to share your experience and motivate young girls (sometimes boys too) to pursue their dream job no matter how hard or impossible it might feel like at moments.

We look forward to receiving your request for a TechTalk and we please feel free to share with your friends and colleagues!