Discover the Web with GirlsCodeToo

CHF 395

  • Schedule: 17:00 – 18:15 
  • Date: Fridays from 24.02.2023 – 30.06.2023
  • Location: Zurich (8001 or 8092) and Remote  
  • Age: 8 – 12 
  • Language: German, French, and English


During this semester-long course, our participants will learn the basics of the web (e.g., how did it start? What is its future? Who is on the web right now?), how to navigate the web safely, and how to use this technology as a tool.  

Our team believes that the web is an amazing tool that can be used for good. Nevertheless, in order to use this technology to its full potential, it is necessary to understand its rules, dangers, and limitations. Our goal is to educate and empower girls about technology from an early age. We hope to encourage curiosity about the evolving world of tech and all the opportunities that it presents. We will also equip them with the tools they need to grow up with the web responsibly and creatively.  

Our team strongly believes that the internet can serve as a tool for girls to express themselves in a creative and positive way. They can be inspired by women that are shaping tomorrow’s digital and physical world by using their skills, passion, and spirit. 

The course starts with an introduction on how to navigate the web safely and the basics of the internet, then we will develop a small website in HTML and CSS. 


All instructors are inspiring EPFL or ETH Zurich graduates that work on the taught topics daily and have years of experience in teaching children and young adults with bilingual one-on-one support (English-French, French-German, and English-German). 


To participate in our workshop all students are encouraged to bring their own laptop. This has the advantage that the girls will be able to continue exploring at home and their own devices. However, GirlsCodeToo can also lend a laptop free of charge for in-person classes. For students joining remote, a PC or laptop is required. The brand and age of the laptop does not matter. 


  • Price of the course is 395 CHF per student 
  • 10% Early bird and sibling discounts available – register early for the best deal 
  • Financial assistance is available for selected applicants. For consideration, please send a letter of motivation to 

Terms and Conditions 

  • The student to instructor ratio is 5:1 
  • Missing a class? No worries, we got you covered. In case you happen to miss a class, one of the instructors will give her/his best to catch you up.  
  • Refunds:  
    • The course is bought as a package for one entire semester. In case you happen to miss a class there will be no refund for that single class. 
    • In case you decide to withdraw from the course after registration please contact for a refund. A 10% fee will be retained to cover our administrative charges.  
    • In the rare case of a class being cancelled due to the instructors, a replacement class will be scheduled as soon as possible.  
    • What if there is another COVID wave that makes in-person classes impossible? The course will be moved to a virtual setting. Students without a laptop will be equipped with a GirlsCodeToo device.  
    • A minimum of 5 participants is required for a workshop to take place, so get friends to sign up! 
    • Participants may be split into groups by age and experience 


The course will be hosted in-person in the city of Zurich. The precise location will be disclosed before the start of the workshop. For children located outside the city of Zurich joining the lesson remotely is of course always an option. 

About GirlsCodeToo 

GirlsCodeToo is dedicated to empowering girls with the skills they for their future and to help shape, direct, and develop the technologies that will shape our future! 

We are a Swiss-based non-profit organisation, founded by a motivated team of industry professionals, professors, students, and parents. 

Our initiative is focused on supporting and encouraging girls to explore technology and discover innovation from a new angle. Our mission is to enable all girls in Switzerland, and beyond, to become tech-literate, have the tools to make informed decisions on the educational, and professional path they wish to embark on.