Apprenticeship with Google


Schedule: 16:00-19:00
Date: December 8, 2021
Location: Virtual
Age: 13-18
Language: English & German

Interested in doing an apprenticeship at Google?

Are you considering doing an apprenticeship instead of going to university? Are you eager to learn a bit of programming, talk to a Google Engineer and find out how to prepare an excellent application? Please join our virtual event on the 8th of December!

All participants are kindly requested to bring a pen and paper with them and have their cameras switched on throughout the duration of the workshop.

*Pictures/screenshots will be taken during the event which will be used on the website and for social media promotion.  All names of girls will be kept anonymous.


  •  Programmation workshop: Animate your Namen
  • Women in Computer Science


Please also register at this link: to complete your registration.


  •  Jamin Vu – Software Engineer at Google
  • Alona Baertschi – EMEA Recruitment Program Manager